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Wellington, located on the plains of Northern Colorado

 Wellington, located on the plains of Northern Colorado is a charming small town full of history. Incorporated in 1905, Wellington has seen it all! From providing a stopping point for travelers from Denver to Cheyenne throughout the years to being the home of U. S. Supreme Court Justice, Byron White; Wellington has a lot to offer. Situated right off I-25 Wellington is a short distance from the beautiful Rocky Mountains to the west and to the south, Colorado State University, 69 miles further south is Denver. Close to Big city conveniences but chocked full of small town charm! 
 As you wander toward the Rockies, from the way of the rising sun, you come to the Boxelder Valley, and the Town of Wellington. We take pride in our little city, not a selfish motive shown. For our harvest will be plenty, from seed that’s freely sown. How that dear old town is growing. Its streets are clear of dust. Where my heart is there I’m going, It’s Wellington or bust! And the moment that I spy it, not a boost will I deny it. Every man there will stand by it. The watch word will be Trust. 
 Here’s to you old-timers, the backbone of the land. Alone you’re sure to falter. Together we all stand. And now in conclusion,  May we all be as one, and put forth our best efforts. For a greater Wellington. -W.O. Haberman, 1917